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Since 1975, Camloh Machinery has been providing quality solutions to the metalworking industry.

Focusing on:

  • Multispindle Turning Equipment

  • Large Machine Tools 

  • Grinding Equipment


We look beyond the machine to take a systems approach to provide unsurpassed quality and productivity in the solutions offered.

Our years of industry experience enable us to draw upon a library of strategies to develop solutions to meet YOUR needs.

Our customer list has always read like the "Who's Who" in Metalworking, from small businesses like Advanced Honing & Grinding to those easily identified by just their initials... UTC, GE, I-R, GKN and others - we are able to make a positive impact.

We stand ready to work closely with you as your partner.

Enjoy our site!

Heavy Duty Flat Bed Lathes

Horizontal Boring Mills


  • Surface

  • Centerless

  • ID/OD Cylindrical

Multispindle Chucker and bar machines


4-spindle CNC Chuckers


HS4200n stand-alone


HS4200i with integrated Gantry loader and part flip-over station

4-spindle CNC Chuckers

Kitako / Shimada manufactures the most flexible and production multispindle chuckers available. Offered with horizontal or vertical spindles from Ø4" - Ø15" chucks, they come with a vast array of loading possibilities. While 2 spindles are in the machining area, the other 2 spindles are outside of the work area, ready for load and unload. This offers substantial time savings and increased spindle uptime. Depending on machine cycle time, these machines can out-produce up to (3) CNC lathes!

Kitako Carrier1.png

VT4-350 vertical stand-alone


HS4200n with integrated single robot

Scenarios most appropriate for a Kitako/Shimada:

  • Lot sizes from several hundred to thousands of parts or families of parts.

  • Near-net shape parts where "cut" time is low, or load/unload time makes up a good percentage of overall TAKT time. ie: on a 40 seconds TAKT time scenario with 30 seconds of "cut" time, 10 second load/unload time (25% of overall TAKT) can be reduced to less than 1 second per piece! Significant production improvement!

  • When there is a significant imbalance between Op10 and Op20 cycle times, the machine can be set up to run (2) Op10 parts then (2) Op20 parts, so one spindle is not idle, waiting for the completion of the other spindle. The TAKT becomes the average of both operations, not the longest of both operations. (AA/BB operation)

  • Low "cut" time of both Op10 and Op20 operations - can be machined simultaneously (AB/AB operation)

  • Instances where loading a part is time-consuming, whether an irregular shape or requires special workholding. Loading is performed simultaneous to machining.


HS4200i w/ integrated gantry

HS4200n w/ Dual Robot

HS4200n w/ Single Robot


Shimada 2SI-10 with optional robot


Shimada 2SI-6 with optional robot

Shimada 2-spindle CNC Chuckers

Shimada, like Kitako, provides the benefit of loading and unloading the turning center while machining. Offered in a 2-spindle arrangement with capacities from Ø5" - Ø12" chucks, this is ideal for short cycle time secondary operations from screw machines, die castings, cold headed parts, forgings and powder metal parts, and lower lot size runs in A/A or A/B turning scenarios. Easily manually loaded or automated with gantry or robot systems.

Scenarios most appropriate for Shimada 2-spindle chuckers:

  • Small to medium lot sizes

  • Cycle "cut" times that are short compared to loading time (in terms of %)

  • Tasks with a big cycle time difference between the Op10 and OP20 operations

  • Tasks that require a large amount of time for chucking the part

Shimada 6-spindle CNC chuckers & bar machines

  • As the #1 Multispindle manufacturer in Japan, Shimada offers 6 & 8 spindle chuckers and 6-spindle bar machines that are based on a camless automatic platform. The machines can be equipped with up to (3) CNC XZ slides. These machines are compact and competitively priced!

  • Rough turning, drilling, thread rolling, tapping, etc., can be performed via the standard hydraulic driven slides, where OD/ID finishing, single point threading, etc., can be performed using the servo-driven CNC slides.

  • The Bar machine can accept up to Ø32mm bar stock.


Shimada 6-spindle CNC bar machine

Shimada 6 & 8 spindle CNC "hybrid" Chuckers


Shimada 2SI-6 w/ vision

Shimada 2SI-6 front/back operations

Shimada B27 6-spindle bar machine

Horizontal Boring Mills

Nomura manufactures the finest HBMs on the market today. They only manufacture HBMs, and have been making machine tools for over 100 years! From Ø4.3" to Ø6" spindles, Nomura offers table, floor and planer type machines for a variety of uses, at unmatched accuracies.

Ø4.3" and Ø5.3" HBMs with integrated U-axis facing head


Ø5.3" Planer Style HBM


Ø4.3" Table Style HBM

  • Massive Box Ways

  • Oversized ball screws and feed motors

  • Highest HP, Torque and Thrust in its class

  • Unmatched precision, roundness, cylindricity of nitride-hardened bar

  • Hardened and hand-scraped mating surfaces


Heavy Duty Flat-Bed lathes

Dainichi has specialized in manufacturing highly robust, heavy duty flat-bed lathes for over 80 years. Well known for their weight and part size capacities, Dainichi offers short and long-bed solutions with CNC control as well as manual "hybrid" combinations.

DR Series Roll Lathes

Large swing and distance between centers capabilities, operated fully CNC or manually with handles

Dainichi DL120.png


Dainichi DL Series

100% CNC and 100% manual!

Dainichi's DL Series lathes incorporate their  proprietary "Guidance Function" simple machining software allowing the user to machine a vast range of short run workpieces in both CNC and manual modes.

Nomura Facing Head HBM

Dainichi DL Series Overview

Dainichi balancing Yen in cut


ELB manufactures state-of-the-art surface, profile and creep feed grinding machines in standard and workpiece-specific custom configurations. ELB is the originator of Continuous-Dress Creep Feed Grinding technology. Reciprocating and rotary surface grinders for vanes, blades, guideways, molds, etc. offered with vertical or horizontal spindles.

Joen-Lih manufactures manual, hydraulic and CNC surface grinders, both saddle and column style for any flat or profile grinding requirement from 6"x18" up to 2 meter table length.

Jagura manufactures a full range of automatic and CNC OD/ID and Centerless grinders as well as "micro" OD/ID grinders for punch applications. Their user-friendly conversational control across their different grinding platforms makes it easy to get parts through the process quickly. Their in-line multispindle ID/OD grinders are perfect solutions for carbide die and ceramic component grinding.


Twin spindle, single Z-axis slide ID grinder with indexing workhead shown above. Offered with up to (4) spindles and (2) indpendent Z-axis slides with fixed or C-axis controlled workhead for the ultimate in flexibility for radius, chamfer, face and taper grinding. Below shows indexing workhead.

Conversational Control screen for ID features

Centerless grinders - manual to CNC - from Ø12" to Ø24" wheels.

"SmartLine" multi-purpose surface grinders - Creep Feed, Surface, Profile, Speed Stroke


"OpenLine" surface & profile grinders

Rotary Surface Grinders


Easy CNC control on Cylindrical Grinders

Twin Spindle ID grinder for Carbide components

12"x24" saddle-style automatic (above)

20"x40" column-style automatic (below)


Unique CNC profile surface grinder with horizontal AND vertical spindle

Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic "micro" grinders for punch and die applications

Automatic and CNC cylindrical grinders

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